12 Angry Jurors, Columbia, MO

12 Angry JurorsA jury must decide a tough case where an inner-city teen has been charged with murder. The 12 jurors must reach a unanimous decision that will mean death for the accused. This is a battle not just of this case but the dynamic of people working together to make a life changing decision.

This is the final weekend of performances at the Columbia Entertainment Company with shows on Friday and Saturday evenings as well as a matinee on Sunday. Come along for a journey while the 12 Angry Jurors decide the fate of this teenager. Would you make the same decision?

For more details about the performances, visit here.

When: November 10-12, 2017

Where: Columbia Entertainment Company, 1800 Nelwood, Columbia

HIVE Real Estate Group
House of Brokers Realty
1515 Chapel Hill Road
Columbia, MO 65203
Jackie Bulgin: 573-999-6528
Shannon O’Brien: 573-864-7863
Carol Denninghoff: 573-881-4244
Main: 573-446-6767
Website: JackieBulgin.com

Image courtesy 12019/pixabay.com


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