Etienne Charles – Creole Soul

Enjoy an evening of delicious food and delightful music at Murry’s on March 12. Listen to the smooth jazz sounds of Etienne Charles with songs from his new album, Creole Soul.

Charles was born in Trinidad and currently teaches at Michigan State University. His music is a blend of Calypso and straight jazz with other vibes added in for fun, energetic sounds that will get everyone grooving. His show is part of the We Always Swing Jazz series. There will be two performances on March 12. The first is at 3:30 PM with doors open at 2:30 PM. The second is at 7PM with doors open at 5PM. Tickets are $20-45. To find out more or to purchase tickets, visit the Facebook page.

When: March 12, 2017, 3:30 PM and 7PM

Where: Murry’s, 3107 Green Meadows Way, Columbia MO 65203

Image courtesy OpenClipart Vectors/


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