Museum of Art and Archaeology Family Event

Museum of Art and Archaeology

Columbia, Missouri Events

Take advantage of a day at the Museum of Art and Archaeology Museum during its family day event this weekend. Enjoy viewing collections aimed at encouraging children’s appreciation of art and archaeology. This is an interactive event to allow children to create art of their own.

Located on the North Campus of University of Missouri, the Museum contains some 15,000 pieces and is much larger than the physical building would suggest. From Pre-Egyptian to modern, the Museum boasts an important collection of art, artifacts and castings.  From ancient pottery to wood carvings, the exhibits also afford detailed information of each piece describing its use and function.

The museum has a well-rounded and amazingly good collection for its size with exhibits that cover the history of art and artifacts, and also has a restaurant and gift shop. The size of the Museum is comfortable for adults and children, not being too large. Columbia has a real gem in the Museum, and such an event as this may well encourage children to develop a deep appreciation of both art and archaeology. For more information about the Museum and event, please click here.

The North Campus location is at 115 Business Loop 70 to the south from I-70 between West Blvd and Providence exits. For map and directions, please click here.

Be sure to take advantage of a wonderful occasion to introduce children to the history and beauty of the art and archaeology world, and allow them some artistic expression themselves with the interactive event. Admission is free.

When:  April 9, 2015 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Where:  Museum of Art and Archaeology, 115 Business Loop 70, Columbia

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