Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park

Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park

Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park

Go fly a kite! Columbia Parks and Recreation sponsors this year’s Kite Flying Day at Douglass Park and if you don’t have a kite, that’s okay, kites will be provided for as long as they last. But finding just the right kite is fun for kids, and consider also that there’s a contest, more about that below. What a wonderful way to get in touch with not only your kids but your own inner kid too. Everybody loves seeing a kite go high and trying to keep it there!

While you’re picking out that new kite to bring, bear in mind that there will be contest categories for kites as well: Largest Flying Kite, Smallest Flying Kite and the Highest Flyer, and prizes will be awarded to winners, so make your kite selections with that in mind. Who knows, you might win two categories if your kite flies the highest and is either smallest or largest. It all adds to the anticipation!

The Parks and Recreation Department of Columbia provides many fun and educational experiences for children and adults of the city and area alike; this is one more seasonal event which creates great childhood and family memories. Perhaps this event can be an introduction to all the other fine offerings provided by the Recreation department of Columbia with many sports, fitness and education classes available a lot of the time for free.

Start the adventure now, plan to find just the right kite, hope the wind is at your back, and come out and fly!  For more information about Kite Day at Douglas Park, please click here.

When:  April 2, 2016 from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Where:  Douglass Park, 400 N. Providence, Columbia, MO

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