Museum of Art and Archaeology

Columbia, MO.

Museum Art and ArchaeologyThis Labor Day weekend, visit the Museum of Art and Archaeology for an enjoyable and informative family outing. The Museum provides a view of art and antiquities from many different parts of the world. Here you will find a rounded collection of both art and archaeological treasures dating from before Egypt through modern art.

Guests of all ages will enjoy seeing the art of different cultures and times displayed here. Come by and take a tour, and admire the exhibits and learning about its history! Make sure to stop by the gift shop while you’re there.

Museum Hours:

Tuesday – Friday 9am-4pm

Saturday – Sunday 12p-4pm

Admission: FREE

For more information, visit the website here.

Mizzou North
115 Business Loop 70 W
Columbia, MO 65203


Jackie Bulgin & Associates
House of Brokers Realty
1515 Chapel Hill Road
Columbia, MO 65203
Office: 573-446-6528

Photo Courtesy of Josch13/


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