Splat! Jr. Obstacle Course Mud Run

Columbia, MO.

SplatTreat your kids to a fun challenge this weekend. This Saturday, children ages 4-15 can show off their skills at the Splat! mud run. Based on age, they will get to participate in either a .75 or 1.75 mile obstacle course that includes tires, walls, pipes, and lots of MUD! The kids are encouraged to dress up and stand out. Participants will need to be able to run, crawl, and jump, so it is important to dress accordingly.

The mud run will have five different waves of 140 participants, some waves are set with easier obstacles for the younger participants. This is the perfect event to bring groups, parties, and even teams to run and work through the obstacles together! Space is limited so pre-register ASAP.

Pricing: $20 in advance (prior to July 10th) $25 at the event (if space is available)

*All participants will receive a Splat! T-shirt. For more information, click here.

Mud run wave schedule:

WAVE 1 – Ages 4-6 years old 8:30 am 12 obstacles .75 mile
WAVE 2 – Ages 4-6 years old 9:15 am 12 obstacles .75 miles
WAVE 3 – Ages 7-9 years old 10:00 am 16 obstacles 1.75 miles
WAVE 4 – Ages 10-12 years old 11:00 am 19 obstacles 1.75 miles

WAVE 5 – Ages 7-15 years old 12:00 pm 19 obstacles 1.75 miles

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gans Creek Recreation Area
3360 E. Gans Road
Columbia, MO


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House of Brokers Realty
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Photo Courtesy of tpsdave/Pixabay.com


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